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Dynamometer Controls Built for High Performance Test Stands

What allows MES Indianapolis to build the best Dynamometer Controls Systems:

  • Our dynamometer controls have distinct advantages in design and implementation
  • The ability to switch between speed, torque or torque regulated speed follower modes
  • Highest switching frequencies such as 4kHz, 8kHz, 12kHz, and 16kHz for the most efficient operation of motors.
  • While our competition typically runs at 2 kHz to limit the amount of heat losses in the inverter.
  • The Standard inverter controls motors up to 550Hz
  • Also, the High Speed inverter controls motors up to 1600Hz with MES supplied high speed components.
  • Horsepower ratings from 100HP – 5000HP for a single motor.
  • Universal feedback options built-in as standard a standard option into the inverter allowing for any feedback device.
  • The dynamometer control inverter has an onboard PLC for logic programs
  • Also, the PLC has an industry standard IEC61131-3 programming environment for efficient system design and configuration
  • As well as, MCi modules can be added to execute larger programs for advanced system control capability
  • Integrated dual port Ethernet switch provides simple connectivity using standard connections
  • Onboard real-time Ethernet (IEEE 1588 V2) uses RTMoE (Real Time Motion over Ethernet) to provide fast communication
  • Three system expansion ports are available to fit additional fieldbus, position feedback and I/O options
  • Safe torque off as standard meeting safety needs with optional safety modules to meet the highest standards needed in the industry
  • Regenerative systems available on all applications reducing power quality issues and saving money on power needs


Look what our customer, Mustang Advanced Engineering has to say about our Dynamometer Control Systems: http://www.mesindy.com/testimonials/

So, when you’re looking for the best in dynamometer control systems, give us a call. MES built the controls on a test stand at Tesla Motors.  https://www.tesla.com/.


In conclusion, MES has built many controls for dynamometer test stands which are out in advanced test environments all over the country. Call us today for a quote!