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Renewable Energy Today

June 12, 2017 / By meswpadmin

Renewable Energy Today

Mechanical Electrical Systems scales systems for personal or industrial use.

Mechanical Electrical Systems, Inc. (MES) using patented BLINKLESS® technology from their sister company Blinkless Power Equipment, LLC (BPE) provides reliable and affordable renewable energy solutions for customers. The microgrid systems utilize local power sources and distribution equipment to deliver the lowest renewable energy cost at any particular moment. They also efficiently maintain secure and reliable power.

Electric utility rates fluctuate throughout the day based on demand, resulting in peak costs for utility customers. This hurts those who do not efficiently manage their power. MES microgrid makes makes real-time adjustments based on system assessments on all available renewable energy generation sources (battery, solar, wind, etc.). This helps us to achieve the lowest possible cost result and reliably satisfy your renewable energy demand. As a result, our system  pays for itself and continues to provide positive return on investment thereafter.

MES microgrids ensure secure and reliable power by controlling internal and grid energy sources. They also operate independently from the utility grid in the event of a power outage. International and domestic customers use microgrids to maintain power at an affordable cost. This ensures secure renewable energy in remote locations or sites worldwide.

MES History

Mechanical Electrical Systems (MES) is an industrial controls integrator. MES has built engineered systems since 1979. In 2009, MES developed and patented BLINKLESS® technology which is held by its sister company Blinkless Power Equipment LLC. The MicroGreen Project, a State of Indiana/ARRA grant for SAIC, used our technology which combined Lithium-Ion batteries, a methane fuel source, a generator, photovoltaic panels, and our control system on a 53 foot mobile power trailer.

In addition MES designed, built, and delivered the 45kW BLINKLESS® control system used on the Hybrid Power Trailer (HPT), which was demonstrated by ERDC-CERL at NIE 16.1. 

In 2014, the SPIDERS Project in Camp Smith, Hawaii used two BLINKLESS® 250kW systems which MES designed, built, programmed, and started-up   MES used the same COTS industrial inverter from these BLINKLESS® designs, integrated into (2) dyno dynamometer control systems for TARDEC, in Detroit, Michigan.

Also, MES is currently building a Viper helicopter dynamometer control building for Aberdeen Proving Ground, in Aberdeen, Maryland.  

Mechanical Electrical Systems BLINKLESS® microgrid power systems satisfy mandates to improve energy efficiency, therefore reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The systems are also effective at decreasing fuel use, increasing the use of renewable energy, while reducing energy costs.


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